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Canasvieiras Transportes Ltda - Rodovia Francisco Germano da Costa n°2970 - 88052.760 - Canasvieiras Florianópolis/SC Brasil - CNPJ 82.950.460/0001-45 | | (48) 3266-2147
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The Canasvierias supports the Educational Program of Resistance to Drugs (PROERD), which has as its mission to educate children in their habitat, bringing together the efforts of the family, the police and the school, strengthening the self-esteem of the child and presenting it a positive model of life.
The Proerd is a Program essentially preventive, precedes the actions of repression of the use and trafficking of drugs, and to the containment of all forms of violence and in all its aspects (physical/psychological) and, as such, has as its purpose to prevent that children, adolescents in school to initiate the use of a variety of existing drugs in our midst, awakening their conscience to this problem, and also to the issue of violence, as well as to prepare the parents in order to offer support to their children about the problem on the screen.

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