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Executive Service


Access here the timesheet of executive transport.

With the development of economy in the country, the number of inhabitants who has one or more vehicles tends to increase. In this context, public transportation, for many, is no longer a single option to become an alternative to the customer. This client, demanding and thus offers single search locomotion means of a difference in the service, which makes advantageous locomotion by public transportation.

Currently, Canasvieiras Transportes constantly maps which are these differentials. We can mention the good care of our drivers and conductors, punctuality of vehicles, cleanliness, comfort and the latest equipment, as well as anticipate customer needs, innovate on shipping.

In 1997 the company began offering executive service in minibus driving along the same routes of conventional vehicles, but they had a broad range of customer aggregates items, quote: door package, roof rack, TV, air conditioning and armchairs reclining, as well as mandatory carriage only with the seated passenger, providing comfort before unavailable in the transport system of the urban region of Florianopolis.

With the improvement of the service, and the quality of the already customary Canasvieiras TransportesLtda services, between 1997 to 2006 the service has become increasingly sought by our users. In 2007, the company and its technical team, in conjunction with its strategic partner Marcopolo ( has developed a new executive vehicle, now with 42 seats and more customer internal space. The baggage handlers were expanded, with through luggage option for larger volumes, such as surfboards and other items. The seats now wider, with three stages reclining confer a greater degree of comfort, has most suitable vehicle engine, the operation of the air conditioner is much more efficient and silent. Reduction in the level of internal noise and increased glass area are other advantages of this model.

The success of this new model was confirmed especially when operators in the region also have adopted the Canasvieiras solution for the executive vehicle, which makes us very proud. Currently, almost all the executive fleet of the city adopts the model developed by our team.

The executive service accepts the card fast pass in order to create facilities in the lives of our customers.

Please refer to the schedules of the executive system in our schedules page. We invite you to know the executive Canasvieiras way to use public transport! Visit: Link to schedules and itineraries page

Key differentiators of executive transport Consortium Phoenix

  • Selected drivers, specially trained for the executive service, focusing on customer service and defensive / economic direction;
  • External roof racks for large volumes and door inner packages for bags and smaller bags;
  • Air conditioning and domestic natural ventilation;
  • Armchair model "road" with three stages upholstered reclining and footrest;
  • Transportation necessarily sitting, the executive does not carry standing passengers;
  • Released using the card fast pass municipal;
  • Review and weekly cleaning of filters and air conditioning system, as the company precepts and technical rules in force;
  • Fleet 100% included in predictive and preventive maintenance plans.