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Canasvieiras Transportes Ltda - Rodovia Francisco Germano da Costa 2970 - 88052.760 - Canasvieiras Florianópolis/SC Brasil - CNPJ 82.950.460/0001-45 | sac@canasvieirastc.com.br | (48) 3266-2147 - Comitê de Privacidade de Dados - privacidade@canasvieirastc.com.br

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Our History - Way of Moving Innovation


The Canasvieiras Transport since 1927 in urban transportation district of Florianópolis. The company, formerly known as Auto Traffic Canasvieiras, was founded by Evaristo da Costa Coelho, grandfather of current CEO John Valter Oliveira Costa. Since its founding, the company had no partner or director than the Costa family components. Proudly, we are a family business, but seeking the professionalization through the application of techniques and methodologies certificates such as ISO 9001. To maintain the organizational culture and life of its founders, and parallel to it apply the latest in management Transport is our daily challenge. Currently, a fleet of over 150 vehicles make the routes determined by the Consórcio Fênix, especially in the northern part of the city. The company has more than 700 direct employees between drivers, cashiers, maintenance and administrative staff.

However, it was not always so. At the beginning there were no roads linking the center to the north of the island, covered the tracks were often wagon roads or oxcart, pastures, sands, grasslands and brooms fields. All this for the client to reach its final destination. Often the path was modified along the way, because there is no traffic conditions in some locations. One of the first lines made the center path (the point was in Miramar) - Cachoeira do Bom Jesus. The bus left the waterfall to 05h30min, passed Canasvieiras and headed for the center, which returned to 15h. Residents of British and Red River, known to the Costa family, almost daily stayed overnight at Mr. Joao Cancio da Costa to be able to go to the center the next day. At the end of the 40s, the company began to meet more community in the north of the island: English / Santinho. The path to the beach Santinho, then known as "Spiders", could only be traversed by the beach or on foot. On days of high tide I had to go through in the water and still face many stones.

On April 30, 2014, the city signed the operating concession contract for the next 20 years with the Consórcio Fênix. Member of the same, the Canasvieiras company will operate jointly with other companies in the region. The process resulted in a alicersado consortium in the precepts of Canasvieras continuous improvement and customer focus. The operation began on 1 November 2014, where our team began to serve a much larger number of lines and regions.

With its displacement of people, we configure ourselves as a sustainable development agent in our communities. See the passenger as a chain of processes that should be monitored and continuously improved. The Canasvieiras way of management for public transportation and care of internal customers (employees) and external (vendors passengers and Grantor).