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Canasvieiras Transportes Ltda - Rodovia Francisco Germano da Costa 2970 - 88052.760 - Canasvieiras Florianópolis/SC Brasil - CNPJ 82.950.460/0001-45 | sac@canasvieirastc.com.br | (48) 3266-2147

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21 de outubro de 2017 Saldo ambiental: o mais positivo da operação!

Since 2008 the environmental management of the company is structured within the processes of quality, as well as other activities of the company. As of 2009, we started a positive statistic of environmental control of the company's activities. The balance since 2009 is:
  • General Results

    Recycling of water:
    71,509 cubic meters (29 Olympic pools)
    Control of hazardous waste:
    187,505 kilos (the same as 78% of the garbage produced in Brazil in an ordinary day (240,000 tons))
    Pick up and destination of used oil:
    68,281 liters (equal to oil change of 13,656 private cars)
    Recycled tires:
    10,763 units (enough to equip 1,793 new buses)
We align these processes with the control of direction, consumption of inputs and others, we guarantee an environmental impact that is less and less the operations of the company, collaborating for the environmental sustainability of the regions served.