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21 de agosto de 2017 Operational Control Center (CCO)

Florianópolis collective transport enters new phase with information of the buses in real time

CCO will house the 'brain' of the operation in the capital

Starting next Monday (21) Florianópolis officially counts on a robust structure to control in real time all the departures of public transport, contributing to the urban mobility of the Capital. The date also marks the activation of the first phase of the application 'floripanoponto' - which provides the location and prediction of real-time arrival of buses in the system. "Both the CCO and the floripanoponto are deliveries that demonstrate our commitment to the contractual requirements established in the bidding document and represent more transparency, reliability and safety for users," said Rodolfo Guidi, technical coordinator of the Phoenix Consortium.

Since it came into operation in November 2014, the new ones of the Phoenix Consortium reach the figure of R $ 55 million. Ahead of the public transport operation, the Consortium renewed 147 vehicles, installed the tracking system throughout the fleet and acquired the embedded video monitoring system, as well as a number of other facilities such as internet at the terminals and mobile application. The CCO has more than 1 thousand m² of constructed area in a land of 3 thousand m²: both the building and the equipment will be owned by the municipality after the 20 years of the contract. The building is designed to provide maximum infrastructure security to ensure an environment of high reliability and availability of information. The CCO has a control room for monitoring all vehicles in the fleet, as well as environments for planning and operational programming, SAC and management of video monitoring of buses. To date, there are already about 60 people working in the CCO. The site may also house other public services, related to public transportation, to be defined by the Municipal Bureau of Urban Mobility.

The web version of 'floripanoponto' is already on the air at the address consorciofenix.com.br/floripanoponto and the free application for smartphones will be available on the 21st for major operating systems (iOS and Android). With the 'Boarding Preview' feature, the app allows the user to track the time of arrival of their bus at the selected point, decreasing the wait. In addition, via the 'directions' function, you can check the best line options to reach the destination. In this first phase, information will be made available on the 26 executive lines operated by the Amarelinhos buses. "The Executive System was chosen for the first phase due to the capillarity - operating in all regions of the island and in the continent, allowing to evaluate the quality of the telephone signal and shading areas, as already identified in the Lagoa da Conceição and Rio region Red. ", Summarizes Guidi. The Consortium believes in collaboration through feedback from users of 'floripanoponto' to move forward with the conventional system.

Credits: Divulgação Consórcio Fênix