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25 de janeiro de 2020 New executive fleet is inspected at Marcopolo


New executive fleet is inspected at Marcopolo
Model has important differences compared to currently applied

The technical team of the company Canasvieiras carried out an inspection of the head unit (name given to the first car produced in a batch with a new model) of the new yellow cars (executives) version 2020. Due to the change of the body, from Marcopolo Ideale 600 to version 800, significant changes will be felt by customers. Because it is 20 cm taller in its structure, the car now has a wider and more pleasant salon, with a 100% flat floor (without wheel cases). The luggage compartments have more space, with better access by the driver, customers and in the storage of belongings.

Check out the main news of the vehicle:

  • New Ideale 800 body, with new headlight design and technical details;
  • Lounge 100% flat, with all seats leveled;
  • New armchair model with new foam and upholstery pattern;
  • 110V sockets with national standard for notebooks;
  • A USB socket for charging cell phones and other equipment, individual for each vehicle seat (each customer has their own socket), conveniently located on the side of the passenger seat itself;
  • New design of uniform steps at the front;
  • Easy entry with the use of a new three-arm ratchet and new protection arrangement, leaving more space and more accessible to the client;
  • New air conditioning model, but quiet and powerful than the current ones;
For the driver, we also reserve new features on the model:
  • Separate air vents with access to the lounge's air conditioning;
  • Better ergonomics of panel items, buttons and various controllers;
  • Position reserved for the MDT screen (for communication with the CCO) already foreseen in the panel project
  • Larger openings and more space for driver operation;
The applied chassis is also new to our team. The 15.190 OD Volkswagen model, with EGR technology and Euro 5 standard, debuts in Canasvieiras' operation. The company had not purchased chassis from the manufacturer since 2008 and executives in general since 2014. "It is an important car, whether due to the improvement in the level of service offered to the client of the Consórcio Fênix, or to us technically by resuming executive renovations. we have a chassis and a cart that are new to the operation, which requires adaptation of all our teams, be it the operation in driving and control, maintenance with regard to EGR technology revisions, parts and innovations and management teams for new ones. cost matrices and results analysis. This lot is important for future company definitions. We have great expectations of both news and we are confident that the vehicle raises the bar for the service offered to Florianópolis ", comments Marcos Lopes, group logistics staff.

In all, the company acquired four (4) model units, prefixes 16107,16109,16111 and 16113, which should be available to customers in mid-February 2020.