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27 de dezembro de 2019 New buses confirmed

New buses confirmed

The company has closed the negotiation and acquisition of five new vehicles to be delivered by mid-February 2020. Four new executive vehicles and one conventional vehicle were purchased. Executives have a new standard of service and will incorporate the new, enhanced, space-saving, charter Ideale 800 body, new exterior design, USB in-seat and 110V notebook outlets at various points in the car. Hall. Other familiar amenities, such as adjustable upholstered seats, air conditioning and others are maintained. The car also has a flat internal floor with no wheel boxes in the salon and standardized door steps. The company is taking advantage of this smaller lot to conduct tests with the new Volkswagen MAN 15.190OD Euro 5 chassis, with EGR emission control technology, not yet applied by the company. The cars will have 41 seats available to customers. Already the conventional unit also applies new chassis, the Volkswagen MAN 17230OD Euro 5 with same emission technology. The body is already the well-known Torino S, applied to the last lots of the company successfully. "With this acquisition, the company reaffirms its commitment to maintaining the level of service provided to the Phoenix Consortium, and the focus on testing new bodywork technologies with the new Ideale 800 and chassis with the adoption of two new new technologies in the operation of the company ", comments Marcos Lopes, responsible for the integrated fleet management of the organization.