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27 de dezembro de 2019 Company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified for another year

Company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified for another year

We inform everyone that we have succeeded in the external quality audit, acquiring the certification right for another 3 years, considering maintenance (annual) audits along the way. As commented by the auditor, we had 3 minor nonconformities at specific points for treatment. Several improvement opportunities were noted by the same team, given the sample character of an audit. From now on, the responsible team will evaluate the nonconformities with those responsible and forward to all involved the possible improvements observed so that it will be evaluated which ones will be implemented. . Control of these implementations will occur through SACP (corrective or preventive action request) coordinated by the quality office (ESQUA). We thank all who participated, noting that we received several compliments from the auditor to our processes, staff and the knowledge shown by all employees. Nothing is good enough that it is not possible to improve, in the belief that perfection is a concept invented not to change and always accept the same as something correct and unchanging. We are always evolving our methods, processes and technologies in the pursuit of customer satisfaction, but it is our employees who make things better and different, not the processes. And this victory of the company that is certified for another year is all of you that day by day, make Canasvieiras a reference within transportation and respect and application to the concept of continuous improvement. In the name of Esqua, thank you very much.