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29 de dezembro de 2018 City Hall presents new Fleet 2019 of the Phoenix Consortium

This Saturday, the city council presented the population part of the fleet of 73 new vehicles purchased by the Phoenix Consortium. Several types of vehicles make up the renovation, due to the plurality of the operation carried out by the Fênix Consortium throughout the territory of Florianópolis.
The lot has light vehicles with reduction for severe operation, such as complex logistics lines, hills and hills, executives for differentiated operations, heavy units with air suspension and within the standard already applied by the Fênix Consortium in all its operators, as well as units of 15 meters with air conditioning for operation in direct lines.

The light and heavy units already have the capability of USB jacks for loading equipment through the hall, an unprecedented feature in the Florianópolis operation. The municipality's transportation secretary, Mr. Marcelo Silva, can closely check the vehicles and test their main resources.

Part of the vehicles has been in operation since December 26, including air conditioned vehicles, which already operate on the 110,210 and 410 direct lines. Due to the Consortium operation, the entire city is benefiting from this new feature, since the Consortium , which is an impediment of the operator that includes the vehicle, applies the operation within the needs of the customer and within the logical network of municipal operation, using the integration terminals.

It is expected that by February the entire fleet is already delivered, reviewed and in operation for the final customer.